Oak Firewood


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Oak Firewood
  • Log Size 25cm (10″)
  • Crate Dimensions(External) : Length 1.18m x Width 1.10m x Height 1.05m
  • Our logs fit 97% of Wood Burning Stoves
  • Slow burning 100% Oak wood
  • Constant heat source giving a clean burn with little smoke.
  • Moisture Content below 18%
  • Loose Volume 2 cubic metres
Oak Firewood

Oak firewood is a popular type of firewood that is known for its many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using Oak firewood:

  1. Efficient burning: Oak wood burns hot and produces a long-lasting, steady flame, which makes it ideal for use in wood-burning stoves or fireplaces.
  2. High heat output: Oak firewood has a high heat output, which means that it produces more heat per log than many other types of firewood.
  3. Low smoke emissions: Oak firewood produces less smoke than many other types of firewood, which is better for the environment and improves air quality.
  4. Reduced creosote buildup: Oak firewood has a lower moisture content than many other types of firewood, which reduces the amount of creosote buildup in chimneys and flues. This can help to reduce the risk of chimney fires.
  5. Insect-free: Kiln drying helps to kill any insects or larvae that may be present in the wood, which means that Oak firewood is less likely to attract pests when stored.
  6. Versatile: Oak firewood can be used for a variety of purposes, such as cooking, heating, or even smoking meats.
  7. Long shelf life: Kiln-dried Oak firewood has a longer shelf life than air-dried firewood because it has a lower moisture content, which reduces the risk of mold or rot. This means that it can be stored for a longer period without losing quality.

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